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Comprehensive Report on Migros Main Strategies Company Review

Migros Main Strategies
  • Unique shopping experience.
  • Sustainable growth.
  • Resourcegenerating efficiency.
  • Increasing household access
Basic Strategies
 They are related to the work and activities that the business or various business units must do or not do in the future in order to survive and provide competitive advantage.
Basic Strategies can be classified into 4 groups
  • Growth Strategies
  • Downsizing Strategies
  • Stable (Preserving the Current Situation) Strategies
  • Mixed Strategies

Migros, the pioneer of the Turkish retail industry, provides service with a total of 30 stores in Kazakhstan and Macedonia. While promoting Turkish products to the world, Ramstore exports pleasant shopping abroad. While Ramstores become widespread in existing countries, it is aimed to invest in new countries in the future. It continues to grow abroad with its latest store opened in Strumica Boulevard. It has a total of 30 stores in 2 countries.

Migros officially took over all of Tazedirekt's brand, software, design, picture/photo and existing data in 2016. In fact, TazeDirekt is a market area where local producers take place and completely organic and natural products are available. Products are packaged at the place of production and delivered to the consumer without losing their naturalness.

Macrocenter is Turkey's elite supermarket chain with its privileged product portfolio, customer service at high standards and special store design. Offering Anatolian flavors as well as the most exclusive flavors of Europe and the world, tailored to the lifestyle and preferences of its customers, Macrocenter carries out everything it does with passion, with a service quality that exceeds expectations. It continues to serve distinguished customers with 60 stores in 6 provinces.

Downsizing Strategies
 In 2005, Koç Holding, which wanted to focus on sectors such as energy and automotive, sold Migros to Londonbased Moonlight Capital. Even though the market value reached 3.3 billion TL, there was a serious shrinkage in Turkey during this period. Many stores were closed and massive layoffs were made. In 2014, Anadolu Group took back 40 percent and continued its activities.

Yıldız Holding bought the Şok Market chains under Migros from Migros with a consortium for 600 million TL in 2011. With this sale, Migros withdrew from the Bimstyle sale and put more emphasis on expanding abroad, selling elite customers and elite products. Shock is actually the first pioneer of market chains known as retail and hard discount.
Static Strategies

Established in 1997 and Turkey's first food retail ecommerce site, Migros Virtual Market, Macro Online, Macro Banquet, Tazedirekt, which is increasing its privileged service network to its customers whose priority is natural nutrition, and Migros, which provides product delivery in 30 minutes. With Immediately, it offers different solutions in accordance with the needs of its customers in online channels and is already preparing itself for the retail of the future with the investments it makes. Available since 1997, its online arm has evolved over time with minor improvements. Examples of this are ordering from the numbers in their brochures, first sacrificial slaughter and delivery, and online ordering systems available today.
Corporate Strategies
 In the long run, it is related to the position of the business in order to increase the value of the company by having comparative advantages, and in which business areas it should operate.
 Strategic studies are done by focusing on 3 points.
 • What is the main business and field of activity of the enterprise?
 • Should the business continue and increase or decrease its activities and businesses in its current business areas, taking into account the future?
 • What kind of strategies should the business develop in order to compete in its current business?
 Migros is the first supermarket chain in Turkey to receive the ISO certificate.
Competitive Strategies
Cost Leadership Strategy:
It is intended for the business to carry out its activities at less cost than its competitors and to earn aboveaverage returns by selling its products at average prices in the sector.
In the cost leadership strategy, it is not possible to reduce the prices of goods and services, but it is essential to reduce costs in all activities. Thus, the difference between the prices and costs in the sector will widen, and the business will gain an advantage over its competitors by earning a return above the average.

• Differentiation Strategy:
  •  It is aimed at providing the goods and services of the enterprise to the customers in a different way and at higher prices than other similar goods and services, and to obtain returns above the average.
  • Differentiation is generally thought of as the differentiation in the goods and services of the enterprise.
  • The differentiation strategy, which is included in the business management strategies, is a competitive strategy that aims to provide aboveaverage returns by making differentiation in all valuecreating activities of the business.

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