This Is What 12 Famous Figures Would Look Like If They Were Still Alive Today

Photographer Alper Yesiltas uses artificial intelligence to imagine what departed icons like Princess Diana and Michael Jackson would look like if they'd lived — and the results are haunting.
They may be gone, but their faces are forever frozen in time. Or rather, they were.

When photographer Alper Yesiltas began dabbling in artificial intelligence, he quickly became aware of its potential. “Anything imaginable can be shown in reality”, he told Bored Panda.

So Yesiltas, who resides in Istanbul, Turkey, began brainstorming what he could do with the emerging technology. He wanted to create something that would make him happy — like seeing the faces of beloved icons who died too soon.

He created an AIbased project called “As If Nothing Happened,” per My Modern Met. In it, Yesiltas explores how famous figures might look today if they were still alive.

Kurt Cobain of Nirvana never seemed to recover from his traumatic childhood, and he died by suicide in 1994.