Stories Of Historical Revenge We Just Learned In 2022

The demise of her husband, Ilya, was the last straw for Mariya Oktyabrskaya. Born in 1905 in Ukraine, Oktyabrskaya took an interest in tanks two years after the death of Ilya when she was finally informed of his passing. In 1943, she donated the money she had to the Red Army, asking that they make a T34 tank she could use on the battlefield. In the letter she sent, Oktyabrskaya wrote:

My husband was killed in action defending the motherland. I want revenge on the fascist dogs for his death and for the death of Soviet people tortured by the fascist barbarians. For this purpose I’ve deposited all my personal savings 50,000 rubles to the National Bank in order to build a tank. I kindly ask to name the tank “Fighting Girlfriend” and to send me to the frontline as a driver of said tank.

The Kremlin agreed.

Oktyabrskaya undertook tank training, fought for the first time in the autumn of 1943, and participated in her last military action in January 1944. During her time on the battlefield, she reportedly demonstrated herself to be skilled at maneuvering her vehicle against the enemy. After her tank was damaged on a night mission on January 14, 1944, she disobeyed orders and tried to fix it. Oktyabrskaya was either shot or hit by shrapnel and succumbed to her injuries two months later.