Seven Facts You Should Know About Women in Sparta

1. They were educated:
Providing education for women was not important for most Ancient Greek cities. Primarily, a woman’s role for example, in Democratic Athens, was to take care of children and the housework. In Sparta, girls were started their education around the same age as boys (between 67 years of age). The education system was concentrated on military preparation and girls had a similar education. They also received physical education, which combined wrestling, gymnastics and combat skills. A healthy physical appearance was important because Spartans believed that only a healthy woman could produce  healthy babies. This goes back in Greek history when a Spartan Queen named Gorgo, wife of the famous King Leonidas was asked by Athenian woman, “why do only Spartan women rule their men?” . Her answer to that question was, “because we are the only women who give birth to real men!”