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PPD and Hair Dye: Are You Safe?

People must be more cautious on the things they use on their bodies such as cosmetics, skin creams and hair coloring. Often times, we are not aware that these beauty products we use contain chemicals that are known to be harmful to one's health. Take this for example, your hair dye, how sure are you that it wouldn't have any side effects or uncanny results? If you're among the population that needs to have their hair dye, whether for fashion purposes or just to cover those grey hairs, you must first investigate thoroughly on the product you're planning to use.

How Safe Are Your Dyes? (PPD and Hair Dye: Are You Safe?)

Studies have shown that the main (bad) ingredient that is present to almost every hair dye is called; Phenylenediamine (PPD). This chemical is known to be harmful in one's immune system, skin, liver, kidneys, nervous system and respiratory system. The most toxic chemical that one can find it their hair dye is also present in making rubber chemicals, photos developer, dark cosmetics and ink. Because of its bad implication, it had been banned in countries such as France, Canada and Germany.

Just Go With The Natural

Using 100% organic dyes wouldn't be harmful to you, hence it will even promote in making your hair look healthier and nice.

1) Walnut Husks They work best on brown hair


> Mix the husks with water and let it simmer for 30 min. Let it cool for another hour.

> Once it's cool enough, you can proceed in using it as your hair dye and let it dry.

> After the dye had dried on you hair, proceed to rinsing it and wash your hair thoroughly.

2) Lemon for Blondes


> Use 46 lemons (it depends on how long and how blonde you want your hair to be,) put it in a spray bottle.

>Spray in your hair and go in sun for 1 hour if you want to have a dark blonde and 3 hours for light blonde.

> Rinse and Condition.

3) Beets and Puree for Reddish Purple Hair


> Take Beets and Puree

> Follow the same steps you did in getting the blonde, which is sitting under the sun.

Written By: JeanjerBread

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