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Moisturizing: The Key to Having "Good" African American Hair"

Deep conditioning is very essential in growing and maintaining good African American hair. It keeps the hair moist. Using deep conditioners that have proteins as one of the ingredients have proved to be very useful in strengthening, protecting and moisturizing African American hair. So if you have this type of hair this is a great tip for you.
Another key to having "good" African American hair is to use leave in conditioners. It is better compared to other styling produce such as mousse and gel. Leaveon conditioners help your African American hair trap moisture in it for a long period. We have a wide variety of leave on conditioner in the market; just ensure you choose one that suits your hair texture. Its key to moisturizing your African American hair and therefore ensuring it is always as good as it can be.
Another key tip to having "Good" African American hair is regular moisturizing. Once in a month, do a deep conditioning treatment and ensure you use SLSfree products. Shea butter is great when it comes to keeping African American hair moisturized. You should spray your hair with water and Shea butter to split it, then use a leavein conditioner that has a Shea butter base. You may also use oils for example coconut oils to keep your African American hair moist.
The last great tip in having good African American hair is to moisturize it before going to sleep. Apply oils or creams to your hair and then scalp right before you sleep. Wrap your hair with a scarf, beanie, towel or any other clothing you are comfortable with. Leave the cream intact overnight for optimal results. Olive oil, jojoba and coconut oil are key natural oils that have proven to be instrumental in rejuvenating and moisturizing dry and dull African American hair.
In conclusion therefore, the key to good African American hair is moisturizing, as this type of hair is prone to breakage. Just watch your hair at least once a week using moisturizing conditioners and shampoos. Mostly use products that are specifically formulated for African American hair for the best results.

Written By: Jimnetica

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