26 January 2022 ( 22 views )

Fairy Chimneys Cappadocia, a Unique Work of Nature

Fairy chimneys (Turkish: "Peri Bacaları") is a natural wonder located in Nevşehir, Turkey. 

How fairy chimneys were formed?
These coneshaped structures were formed as a result of the wearing force of the wind and rain on the soft stones in the region for centuries. These soft stones were formed by solidification after the previous volcanic activities in the region. Volcanic activities were triggered due to the elevation of the Anatolian Plateau by the moving plates in the 3rd geological period, and as a result, a softtextured landmass was formed by the accumulation of lava and ashes on the ground. The fact that this piece of land was wetted by rain and took a form suitable for erosion and that it was supported by the strong winds in the region made the stones look like they were sanded in the direction of the flow of the wind.

Why are fairy chimneys unique?
In fact, there are natural structures in the world such as fairy chimneys that take on interesting forms thanks to wind and rain. The feature that makes fairy chimneys unique is that they consist of almost perfect and equivalent structures as a result of this process. It is shaped as if it were the work of a stone worker. It's easy to think that they are human constructs.

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