30 Frightening Abandoned Places That Was Untouched For Years

Some places have a frightening spirit that many people feel weird when seeing these places. Especially abandoned places might be eerie for many of us. People shared pictures of abandoned places in a Reddit group and here are 30 pictures of frightening abandoned places.

Fort Alexander (Saint Petersburg)
It was built in the mid1800s, in order to guard St. Petersburg’s coastal areas. Contrary to what people would expect, the fort was not built on an existing island, but was completely constructed on a manmade foundation. The foundation is supported by a set of beams, that are installed into the sea floor. The abandoned fort is famous for the fact that about a hundred years ago it housed a mysterious laboratory. In 1838, Nicholas I decided to build a separate fortification. The main purpose of the creation of this fort was to retain defensive control in the southern entry to St. Petersburg with the help of a crossfire system.